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Exploring the Current Trends in Clinical Microbiology and Immunology
- Clinical Microbiology 2020

Welcome Message

Heartiest Greetings from Clinical Microbiology 2020!

After the successful completion of our previous series Clinical Microbiology 2019, we Allied Academies feeling delightful to step into another series of our event Clinical Microbiology 2020.

With gratitude and  pleasure, we warmly invite all the Researchers, Academicians, Delegates and Young researchers to our CPD accredited 9th European Clinical Microbiology and Immunology Congress which is slated to held on June 22-23, 2019 at Rome, Italy .

Clinical microbiology is a discipline that encompasses a broad range of testing methodologies, and it is complex in terms of organisms and methods used to isolate and identify them.

Immunology is the division of biomedical sciences concerned with all aspects of the immune system in all multi-cellular organisms.

This forum gives a precious platform for all the Eminent professionals in the field of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology to present and discuss the most innovations, trends and practical challenges to build the better world.

The Conference will provide 2 days lecture on many highlighted topics like Infectious Diseases, Antimicrobial Resistance, Veterinary and pharmaceutical Microbiology, Infection and immunity, Microbial Bio-films, Inflammatory diseases and Vaccinations.

And once again, on behalf of Organizing Committee Members, we are glad to welcome you all to the forum of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology.

Organizing Committee Members

Sessions and Tracks


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Past conference report

With gratitude, We would like to thank all the keynote speakers, plenary speakers, young researchers, students, business delegates and media partners for making Clinical Microbiology 2019 a splendid and successful event.

AAC hosted the 8th European Clinical Microbiology and Immunology Congress with the theme “Recent methodologies to enhance research in Clinical Microbiology and Immunology” during June 12-13, 2019 at Edinburgh, Scotland (Hotel Holiday Inn Edinburgh, 132 Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh). We strongly agree that the congress has achieved its goals and the attendees had the opportunity to meet experts from different countries all over the world. With the active participation and benevolent response from the editorial board members of the supporting journals as well as from the leading academic researchers, scientists, scholars, leaders and students from the different field of Microbiology and Immunology who made this event successful

The Business Delegates, Scientists and Young researchers marked the attendance at the Clinical Microbiology 2019 conference representing more than 18 countries, has driven the conference path to great success.

Clinical Microbiology 2019 witness the peerless speeches who enlightened the gathering with their knowledge on various new-fangled topics in the field of Microbiology and Immunology.

The abstracts accepted by our review committee members were given with DOI numbers in the Journal of Microbiology: Current Research. The conference began with an opening ceremony followed by a series of interesting keynote as well as plenary lectures delivered by honorable guests and organizing committee members. And finally the day ended up with Poster session.

The conference enlightened the various areas of Microbiology with keynote, plenary, young researcher forum and poster presenters from various universities and organizations like:

University of Missouri | USA
I. M. Sechenov | Russia
The Williams Research Laboratory | USA
Moscow Engineering Physical Institute (MEPhI)| Russia
Massachusetts Institute of Technology | USA
Harvard Medical School | Bostan
NHIMS Ilsan hospital| South Korea
Cardiff University | United Kingdom
Dar Al Uloom University| Saudi Arabia
Plymouth university| United Kingdom
Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital | Taiwan
Diacarta, Inc. | USA
Delft Advanced Biorenewable | The Netherlands
Glasgow Caledonian University | United Kingdom
University of Africa | Nigeria

Once again we would like to thank our wonderful Organizing committee members and the attendees for their gracious presence and supporting the conference with active discussion forums and assistance towards the success of Clinical Microbiology 2019.

Clinical Microbiology 2019, with its grand success, AAC is happy to announce that the 9th European Clinical Microbiology and Immunology Congress is Scheduled during June 22-23, 2019 at Rome, Italy.

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To visit Clinical Microbiology 2019 book proceedings: Click here

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